Welcome to the Emerging Leaders Group where our mission is to provide growth-minded associates with content, training, and networking opportunities to grow and advance their careers at Fischer Homes, Grand Communities, Homestead Title, and Victory Mortgage.

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We created a network for like-minded individuals to connect outside of events to share experiences, create accountability, and grow as leaders. Join our LinkedIn group, Emerging Leaders, to explore new content, experience exclusive trainings, and network with your peers.

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Join us for upcoming events including virtual book clubs, training, and in-person networking opportunities. 

Content Corner

Tune in to hear from the exceptional Leaders of our organizations as they tell their stories, spark conversations, and share amazing insights. Content has been developed from in-person events and virtual conferences to share for you to watch whenever and wherever.

Change = Growth & Opportunity 
Raelynn Kohlhepp
Director of Internal Operations

Bill O'Gorman
St. Louis Sales Manager

Run the Mile You're In
Jon Jasper
Region President

Harnessing Your Skillset to Propel Growth
Gemma Maxwell

Vice President of Land Acquisition

Be Curious, Not Judgmental
Nate Hollander

Indianapolis Land Acquisition Manager

The Importance of Professional Goals
Sean Sullivan
Indianapolis Market President

Driving Change Through Collaboration
Steve Whaley

Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy

Successful Teamwork Starts with Collaboration
Amanda Bluso

Columbus Land Acquisition Manager

Own Your Excellence
Steve Pozzi
Director of Construction

Succeeding No Matter the Challenge
Brian Johnson

Cincinnati Market President

Winning is Easy, Losing is Hard
Michaele Blackburn

Northern Kentucky Construction Manager

Maintaining Your Core Purpose
Elizabeth Breitenstein
Dayton Market President

Embrace Uncomfortable
Paul Allen
General Counsel Emeritus

Your Career is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Kinsey Thompson
Louisville Sales Manager

Leadership: It's an Attitude, Not a Title
Amy Hehman
VP of Human Resources

Running Toward the Fire, How to Lead in a Crisis
David Giambrone
Chief Information Officer

Success Doesn't Have One Address
Andrew Worrell
General Counsel

Change and Movement are Inevitable, Growth is Optional
Josh Brockman
Atlanta Division Manager

Stay Humble, Hustle Hard
Charmaine Powell
Louisville Sales Manager

Your Turn is Coming, Are You Ready?
Brandon Roller
Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Differentiate Yourself with a Personal Brand
Robert Bosley
Chief Financial Officer

How to Be An Opportunity Maker
Christy Dorsey
Cincinnati Sales Manager

Be the Solution Not the Problem
Tarina Goldsberry
VP of Operational Excellence and Expansion

Turning Adversity Into Competitive Advantage
Jay Smith
President and COO

Less Like a Colleague, More Like a Friend
Megan Wesdorp
Loan Originator

The Solution Starts with You
Steve Stockdill
Construction Services Manager

You Can't Have a Big Enough Tool Box
Greg Fischer

Converting Struggle Into Strength
Kaylee Fox
Indianapolis Sales Manager

Career Growth: It's a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder
Tim Brader
Columbus Division Manager

Outwork Others, Raise Your Hand, and Don't Give Up
Emily Murray
Vice President of Sales

                                Be So Good They Take Notice
                                            Tim McMahon

Emerging Leaders Podcast

Listen to the official podcast of Fischer Homes. The Emerging Leaders Podcast is where we collect wisdom, strategies, and insights from proven and successful leaders to help you go further and faster as a leader.

2024 Guidance Committee

Samantha Morgan


Courtney Klingenberg

Vice President

Kathleen Buch

Marketing and Technical Officer

Paul Munoz


2024 Division Ambassadors

Jennifer Phifer

Atlanta ELG President

Lydia Foote

Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky ELG President

Michael Salzler

Columbus ELG President

Heather Werner

Dayton ELG President

Kirk Dyer

Indianapolis ELG President

Lindsay Edelen

Louisville ELG President

Brandon Sadl

St. Louis ELG President

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in The Arena."

Theodore Roosevelt